Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Playgirl Spread, A Hostage Situation And The Joke's On Me

"19 Adam on the air" asks the dispatcher
:19Adam', answers The Fox
"Take it over to 155 and Bway for the possible hostage situation"
"10-4" answers 19 adam
I'm working 18 boy with Trib. !9Adam's sector borders on mine so we decide to got ever and take a look at what's going on. 19 Adam's bus is parked just off on 155 street with the ambulance's ass end in the cross walk on Broadway. We pull up and get out out.
The fox is working with his regular partner Webb. We walk over to the front of the ambulance.
'Hey Foxx-, what's going on?
"Bullshit hostage situation. They're not even sure if there's anyone in the apartment. They just got a call about it, nothing else"
Sounds like just a waste of time. It's about  8pm on a Spring night so of course there's a stadium-sized crowd hanging around waiting for the shooting to begin. Me and Trib get back in the bus. As we drive away one of us comes up with an idea. Trib gets out at a magazine store and picks up a copy of PlayGirl magazine. We rip the pictures out and sneak up on 19 Adam. We unwittingly catch the attention of some of the people in the crowd. We put our fingers to our lips asking them not to let on to what we're doing. We the proceed to tape all the nude male photos contained in the magazine to the back doors of their ambulance, quietly laughing our asses of. We drive off still laughing. About half an hour later a low voice comes over the radio "Nice Rocco, real nice". again me and Trib break up in hysterics. Just then Trib asks me to drive over to his mother's house on Fort Washington Avenue. She always cooked a meal for us about the same time. We pull up, get out and walk the 4 floors to a feast fit for a king. Thankfully we didn't get a call the entire 15-20 minutes we spent eating. Thanking his mom, we descend back down to the street, get in the vehicle and drive off. At Fort Wash and Bway I make a right and proceed south on the three lane street. It's not more than a block when we start to notice that every car that passes us has its horn blaring and the occupants hysterical laughing. At about 145 Street and Bway we come to a light. A cab pulls up beside me honking his horn. I open my window and ask 'what's up?", The driver laughing hysterically points behind him and says "yo man, look at the back of your ambulance". I pull to the curb and we both jump out and walk to the back of the ambulance. Hung to the back of our  ambulance is a piece of cardboard big enough to cover it entirely. It contains a message written in large letters using yellow spray paint, "GAY PARAMEDICS! HONK FOR YOUR SUPPORT!". At first me and Trib are stunned. A moment later we're both laughing so hysterically we can't stand up straight. We remove the sign and get back into the front of the ambulance. I pick up the microphone and whisper "Nice Foxx, ya got me". No answer except for another unit pressing their microphone's button with the sounds of hysterical laughter in the backround.