Friday, May 27, 2016

Look what I found in a compactor

"Manhattan to 18 Young"
I pick up the mic " 18 Young"
" Young, take it over to 129 street and Lexington  for the jumper down"
"10-4, on the way"
" 17 Charlie put us on Young's back"
"10- 4 Charlie, go ahead"
We arrive about 3 minutes later. It's about 10 pm and traffic pretty light. 17 Charlie comes up the one way street and parks right in front of us. Street looks quiet. No one milling around. No crowds yelling "hurry the fuck up, motherfuckers".
Just then a man comes out of a building waving at us. "He's in here". We get our equipment and walk over to the man who is holding the door open for us.
"Come with me! Come with me" he yells excitingly leads us to the elevator. "Hurry! Hurry! He's downstairs!". We hurry over to the elevator. Just as I'm about to step in a guy grabs my shirt. "Yo dude, you can hear him from here". Guy leads me to the compactor room a few steps away where everyone throws their garbage through a small chute that leads to the compactor room. "Open the door to the chute. You can hear him". Without thinking I open up the chute door and put my head down to listen. Out of the darkness comes a hand and grabs me by the collar. There's a guy in the incinerator chute! Not thinking why this guy is in the there I start telling him " Chill out my friend. Don't worry we'll get you out!"  This guy ain't listening to shit I say. He brings his other arm up, grabs the side opening of the chute and starts pulling himself out. I watch in amazement as this guy pulls himself  out through this door no bigger than than a pet door. It takes a few minutes before he pulls himself out. I back into the hallway and stop. He stops too. Instantly I notice several things; he's about thirty years old, about six foot-eight, and ripped like Bruce Lee. How did I know that.? He was naked as the day he was born. I look up at his eyes and they are open wide and he's looking around like someone who just got off a ship from Mercury. "Holy shit! This guy's a fucking duster!". I look around and see two cops walk in the building. "Hey guys, over here" I motion. They come over with bewildered faces. "Guy is a duster, just crawled out of the compactor". Cop opens the door to the compactor room, turns to me" he crawled out of that"! I reply, " I watched it and still can't believe what I saw".
Turning back to the patient I ask "What's your name?". He answers "where's Candy?". "What?" I say. "Where's Candy?" He replies in a monotone voice. Before I can ask him anything further a woman comes running down the hall yelling "you stupid motherfucker" and punches him so hard in the side of the face I was surprised he only dropped to one knee. The cops quickly grab her. After a few minutes she starts to calm down. After a few minutes she's composed enough to tell us what happened. "We was upstairs watching a movie. I told him I was going to take a shower. I come out a little while later and smell some funny shit. I start looking around for him. As I  get close to the door and I hear him calling "Candy" but I don't see him nowhere . I go out in the hallway and I'm passing the garbage door and I hear the dumb motherfucker calling from there. I'm still in my towel so I called the super and he called you guys while I put something on". One cop somehow kept a straight face while the rest of us took the patient around the wall and tried to be silent as we could while laughing our asses off. Looking at the patient we saw his only injury was a small, superficial laceration to his right thigh. We tried to take him out in a stretcher but he refused. None of us put up a fight. Walking out with the patient I hear Candy in the back round yelling " don't think you ever seeing me again. I might fuck a stupid motherfucker but not a crazy one". We laugh again, lead him over to the ambulance, buckle him up and proceed over to to the Harlem Hospital Psych emergency room.