Saturday, February 25, 2017

"10-13 Police Officer Shot!"

Steve and I are working the 5pm to 2am shift on 18 Young. We just left St. Luke's after dropping off a patient. Its 1:55 am and we're hoping to get back and not get another call. We pull up to a light on 111th street and Lenox Ave.
"Emergency transmission!!!" comes screaming from the police radio!
"10-13! Police officer shot! I'm shot central! 115 Lenox Ave in the stairwell!!!"
I turn and look and realise we are sitting in front of the building where the cop said she was. I spin the ambulance around and drive up to the door. Steve and I jump out. Steve grabs the trauma bag and we both take off into the building. We come to a staircase and turn in and up. About 3 flights up we hear the cop calling for help. "At least she's alive" I say to Steve.
We come to the 7floor, and turn the corner to the next flight when we find her. She's curled up on the stairs in front of us.
"Where were you hit?" I yell
"My chest!!"
I turn her around and see a small hole in her uniform shirt. I rip the shirt open and see a hole in her vest. Moving my head to catch the light I can see the bullet lodged in the middle of the vest. I pull it out, intact and unbloodied. The vest stopped the bullet!
About a minute goes by and the calvery com's charging up the stairs. City cops by the dozen, crews of 5 ambulances. Cops are screaming, yelling. EMS crews trying to get through the crowd to get to us and the patient. Finally we put her on a long board, get her out if the building and over to the hospital. A quick physical exam showed no other obvious injuries.
We get to St. Luke's probably 3 minutes later and already the street is crowded with news cameras. We take her out of the ambulance and take her into the ER.
I was driving that night so Steve was the writer that night. He goes into the ER to present his patient. I duck out for a quick smoke. I walk to the sidewalk opposite the hospital and am about to light a cigarette when up comes 18 Patrol, my street supervisor, looking like he'd just seen a ghost.
"Hey, Lieutenant! We're good" I begin to say but then I'm jolted to silence by something I recalled while treating the officer. Her name tag said "Cook". " Oh shit! Lieutenant she's just fine! I'm telling you! Calm down she's fine!" Lieutenant, your sister's OK!"