Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A young child's hand in a freezer and a doctor I wanted to choke

Max and I were working 18 Boy one night when we received a report of a "severe laceration on st. Nicholas and 155 street. So we fly over there. We pull up and there's about 30 people screaming from a window on the third floor. We grab our trauma bag and as soon as we enter the building we hear people screaming and crying. We rush up and are ushered into an apartment. Max is in front of me and I'm behind. As I walked in a guy grabs me and pulls me over to the refrigerator and opens the door and points.. Looking in I saw something that, even with my 5 experience (Another frightening finding)

Max yells out: "Rocco we got to get the fuck out of here!"
" I know. I'm just putting the hand in ice". Well not in ice itself. I asked for two plastic bags. I put ice in one then the little hand in the other as (water can damage tissues making replant of the amputated part even more difficult (my heart dropped when I picked it up. It was mangled terribly).I tied both bags tight  and then me and Max took off for Montifiore in the Bronx,  which is a regional center for replant center for amputated limbs.. We get there and run in and begin tell the story. While I'm telling it some piece of shit doctor comes sauntering over and in a girlish voice says to my " All right, lets calm down here". I turned so quick I almost knocked down a radiology technician standing next to me."Calm down? " I yelled, "You ever look in a refrigerator and see a child's hand in there, asshole?". I mean I was steaming . I could have kicked his ass right there. Fortunately one of the nurses come running over "In here guy, hurry!". Turns out the asshole doctor was a Gastroenterologist doing a consult in the ER! That's when Max pulled me physically out of the ER and the gas doctor took off to see another asshole
We find out later they were grinding meat and the kid stuck his hand in.No body was watching the kid for a moment.For a moment, feeling a little angry. I looked at the parents  So punish them for not not keeping a closer eye on the kid"? Both were sobbing uncontrollably crying over their son. I then felt bad for them. I guess they were punished enough.
So we left the emergency room, Max sweating from head to toe and my heart broken and at the same time seething with rage. I promised that if I ever came flying down that road again and that meddlesome Gastroenterologist was crossing the street I would close my eyes.