Thursday, March 19, 2020

Italy Containment: The numbers so far not promising..

Italy took the drastic step over a week ago of locking down its entire country to halt the spread of coronavirus. The problem is that it really doesn't seem to be stemming the tide of cases and especially the death rate. Italy currently has an astonishing case fatality rate. Each day brings 300+ plus deaths including a surprising total of 475 deaths yesterday. Italy, a nation of 60 million people has almost the same amount of deaths as China with 1.5 billion. And Italy has reached that number much quicker than China, probably by a month.So what's the deal here?
Could it be that the virus mutated in Italy making much more lethal? or
Did China do as everyone suspects and manipulated the numbers to save face and thereby not release vital information that could have been seen as a warning to the rest of the world?

If Italy comes up with some crazy number of deaths today I would begin to suspect that locking down locking down entire populations is not the way to go and that some other way be found to halt the disease progression