Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Repost 2013: Pandemic For Profit

The esteem that the history and the world has nurtured for so long for the art of science has taken a mortal blow with word that scientists in the Netherlands, in a bid to gain profit delayed notifying the world that a new, deadly virus never before seen in humans had been discovered. According  to reports scientists in the Netherlands received a culture sample from a microbiologist in Saudi Arabia who was assisting in the care of a patient who had been sickened by an organism that that could not be identified.It is alleged that Dutch scientists then mapped out the organism's DNA, sequenced it , identified it as a new virus eventually named MERS-CoV and then, incredibly sat on the information for three months as it patented the new virus. They then began to release it to researchers who signed an agreement that could trigger payment in the future! Saudi officials claim that the actions of the Netherland's scientific mafia delayed their ability to create tests to diagnose the new virus,

 "There was a lag of three months where we were not aware of the discovery of the virus," Deputy Health Minister Ziad Memish told the Geneva assembly

 So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the last bastion of human endeavor thrown
over the wayside in a disgustingly obvious pursuit at gaining profit, irregardless
if that pursuit endangered thousands and possibly millions of lives.
It is with great sadness that, like Nietzsche who announced the death of God in 1882
In 2013 announce the death of Science as a discipline that could be trusted beyond all else.