Friday, March 20, 2020

The United States Must Relax Sanctions on Iran

The United States brought greater economic sanctions to Iran last Tuesday. This economic chokehold, onerous in normal times can be catastrophic in times such as these when a pandemic is threatening to cause death and devastation on a scale that mankind has not seen in 100 years. Americas problem is with the Iranian government and not with its people who already labor each day under a theocracy that is anachronistic in thought and brutal in behavior. Members of the government live well, enjoy the fruits of being in charge while the people live "in chronic despair". These are they whom the sanctions at this moment are are being affected terribly.
Listen, I'm no fan of Iran's government either. I wouldn't care if each slid down the wormhole. But the people of Iran, like most Americans are decent people and they should not be further burdened by sanctions during these terrible times. There must be some way to lifting at least some of the sanctions that directly effect Iran's ability to adequately respond to this worldwide plague. Let us have compassion for the trials and tribulations that the Iranian people are being faced at this time. It's both the American and Christian thing to do.