Tuesday, March 17, 2020

World-wide Pandemic

The world is poised to witness one of the greatest catastrophes in history. Covid-2019, also known as the corona virus, is sweeping through China like a giant tsunami causing death and misery on a scale both awesome and terrifying. It is a disease of such complexity that attempts to halt its continued progression in China and around the world appear fruitless at this time. It is terribly contagious, much more so than influenza and much, much more deadly.
Much confusion is generated due to it being part of the corona virus family which includes the common cold and influenza among other viruses. But the difference between the two are stark. Think of a family where one member may be a bit annoying( the common cold) while another is a merciless serial killer hell bent on destroying anything or anyone in its path. That's the new corona virus  It does not take intimate or even close contact to spread to its next victim. A sneeze or cough can release tens of thousands of viruses into the air infecting anyone nearby. It can affect you through your respiratory tract, even your eyes. It's present in stool. It can linger on inanimate surfaces. Touch that surface then unconsciously touch your face and your in danger. The guy next to you who seems fine, without  a sniffle or a cough may be an asymptomatic carrier of the disease. But make no mistake he's shedding that virus as if he were on his deathbed. And this is just the beginning. In a couple of weeks, when the incubation period is up this virus is going to explode in the population and in the headlines.
The first warnings of a new and terrifying disease came from several medical personnel in the City of Wuhan back in early December . They were witnessing patient after patient being disabled and dying of a sickness the likes of which they had never seen before. It wasn't influenza nor the dreaded SARS virus but it was attacking people viciously, filling their lungs with fluid, shutting down their kidneys and stopping their hearts. Aware of the China's Communist Party's views on censorship and propensity to punish those who dare disobey party line, several doctors bypassed protocol and used unofficial channels to warn the world of what was occurring. China's reaction was swift. They began to round up these brave individuals and arrest them for for "fear mongering". The most well known was a 34 year-old ophthalmologist named Dr. Li Wenliang who did nothing more than warn several friends on a webchat network of a new Sars-like disease that was spreading through the province. Within hours he was arrested and forced to sign a confession of his crimes by Communist Party Police. Dr. Wenliang then returned to the hospital to continue to treat those afflicted by the disease. And that's where he died of the disease he was battling, just 24 hours prior to this writing.
The Chinese government continued to try and cover up the existence of this new virus until it became evident to even them that they could not hold back the truth. The virus was rapidly getting out of hand and that extreme measures had to be taken before the virus spread exponentially and threatened to embarrass the Party and its minions . These extreme measures consisted first of locking down and quarantining the City of Wuhan with a population of 11 million people. As of the time of this writing over 50 million Chinese citizens are under lockdown in their apartments forbidden by authorities to leave their homes. Such extreme measures could not be done in secret. By mid January the world became aware that something big and frightening was going on in China. But they had no clue that what they were seeing was just the prelude of something terrible that threatened not only China but  the entire world.
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